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No Easy Day. The Firtshand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden - Mark Owen Thanks to a gift card I won from @Tottums, I was able to download this from Audible.com and listen to it.

I think that led, in large part, to the 4 star rating. I believe if I'd sat down to read this book, I wouldn't have gotten through it. There was a lot of technical terminology, which is to be expected when one reads a book about a military operation. It is, perhaps, why I couldn't read Mission: Black List #1: The Inside Story of the Search for Saddam Hussein---As Told by the Soldier Who Masterminded His Capture when I tried to a few months ago. It was a lot easier to listen to someone talking me through the terms and explanations than to read them.

Obviously, the story itself is one that captivated the entire nation. Toward the end of the book, the author gives note of watching the crowds who gathered at the White House, Ground Zero, and the Pentagon. But to him and the rest of the guys on duty the night of the raid, this was just another mission. In fact, he says this was not a technically difficult mission. Only the target and where the were operation made it unusual. But this is not just a story about that mission. This is truly an autobiography, and details the author's childhood and the steps he took, and training he went through, to get to where he was on that day.

All it all, it was a good book. There were a few (I thought) redundant things, but I'm sure for the military buffs, it wasn't redundant at all. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to this book, and I may try to read a paper copy in the near future.