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Between Seasons - Aida Brassington Just finished with this book, and I'm so thrilled to have read it.

It's rare these days for me to be incapable of putting a book down, but this was one of those books. I found myself fascinated by Patrick's story before Sara even came into the picture. Once she was in the story, things got even more interesting.

Who hasn't walked around their house talking to themselves? When Sara moved into Patrick's house and started talking, I thought things were going to be interesting. When she could finally hear him? I knew things were interesting. And I about fell out of my chair when she was able to see him.

Aida did a great job of developing the characters and keeping just enough mystery in Sara's story to keep you reading. So many novels these days just blurt out a character's story. That wasn't the case in this book. Everything about the way Sara gradually realizes she isn't alone in the house, including the story she wrote about Patrick's break up with his only serious girlfriend, was brilliant.

I'm so looking forward to reading more by this author.