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Wraith - Angel Lawson 3.5 stars (please, Goodreads, get on the half star ratings!) from me. I liked the story and most of the characters. It was altogether intriguing, and the details of the back story came out just the way I like them - in snippets from the character whose story it was to tell.

My main issue with the book was Jane. At one point, I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her. I understand she was tired of being gossiped about, but when Conner offered to take her to school and she said no because she thought people would talk even more? I actually turned to my husband, gave him a basic run down and said, "He's a cute boy. She's a teenage girl. Isn't she supposed to want to have people talking about her that way?" After that, I was just irritated by her in general.

Congratulations to Angel on her first novel. I hope to read more by her in the future.