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Pine Tar & Sweet Tea - Kerry Freeman I was lucky enough to read this story when it was in its infancy. Matt and René's story intrigued me from the beginning, and I sometimes forgot I was supposed to be reading for specifics.

My heart broke for Matt; his struggles, his fear of being outed to his father, and the terror at how his town would react. René had his own unique struggles, though he was much more comfortable in his skin than Matt.

The supporting characters were some of my favorites. I loved Matt's interaction with his nieces, and I absolutely fell for Emily. Pairing her up with David made me absolutely giddy. Jeanne was incredibly strong for a newly divorced single mom, but who wouldn't be in that situation? I even loved Rev. Hawley, because he was special in his own way. There were times when I absolutely despised him, and Kerry did a great job of conveying his emotions.

I look forward to more of Matt and René's story, should Kerry choose to write it. ;)